Why, in the middle of a “recession” would we pack up our stuff, rent out our house and quit our jobs to travel around the world? This is more than just a trip around the world. For the past two years we struggled with something we felt that God was calling us to do; leave the comfort of our home and help those less fortunate. Not knowing what that looked like we prayed for our hearts to be led.

Amy and SandrinOur hearts were touched and led to the Burundi African refugees. With the guidance of our heroes Bob and Kay VanFleteren we spent last year working with these amazing young students. Through this work we started to get excited about the possibility of doing mission and volunteer work in Africa. Africa is large – where do we go? Crazy  That prayer was answered when the door was opened for us to serve alongside Bob and Brenda Schuyler at Kibbuse Vocational Center in Nyamarwa Uganda. 3 of the 12 month trip will be spent working at Kibbuse.

Tree of Life Orphanage in Burriam, Thailand is where we will spend an additional two months serving. Tree of Life endeavors to provide a loving home, spiritual encouragement, as well as education opportunities for all the children in residence. All children have living relatives that are either unwilling or unable to provide care for them, which prevents them from being legally adopted. Therefore, most children who come to Tree of Life, regardless of age, will most likely continue in residence  until they complete their University degrees. The orphanage thus becomes a permanent home for the children.

We are still looking for volunteer opportunities in Eastern Europe, India and the Pacific. If you have any contacts or know of an organization that could benefit from our help please let us know! You can see from our itinerary where we will be and when.

Thanks to our family and friends who have been such a large part of this trip. We have been talking about it for what feels like years and without their support and prayers we would not have been able to make it happen.

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