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Good Morning Vietnam!

Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam – so much history, so much to see, so little time. With only a month to travel in Vietnam we knew our plans of traveling the 2,000 mile coast line would mean a whirl wind tour. After three hard days of travel from Laos we finally arrived in the bustling city of Hanoi. Tired, exhausted and tense we camped out in the Old Quarter for five nights before peeling ourselves away to hop on another bus. The Old Quarter of Hanoi is not generally the place you would think of relaxing for a while, but we found the madness of the streets, markets and energy that was felt made for the perfect spot.

Ninh Binh was  just a short two hour trip from Hanoi so instead of taking the fourteen hour

Tam Coc, Vietnam

 bus to Hue we decided to break it up a bit and check it out. The city itself is nothing to see but the surrounding lime stone rock formations, green rice fields and lazy rivers make for a relaxing getaway. The Tam Coc is why most travelers come to Ninh Binh, described as “a limestone karsts sweeping up from serene rice paddies, best appreciated on a languorous rowboat ride down the river, to the soundtrack of water lapping against the oars.” Come are you serious – who writes this stuff. Can it really be that good? Is this just another ploy to wrangle in travelers?  

Tam Coc, Vietnam

Looking back on our ride downt the Tam Coc the over descriptive phrase the guide book used didn’t do it justice. It was absolutely stunning, breathtaking and romantic. Having the entire river to ourselves with not a single other tourist insight is a rarity. It was perfect.

Back to the whirl wind tour we stopped through Hue and Hoi An before arriving here in Nah Trang where we plan to spend 5 nights on the beach before heading south to Mui Ne for more beach time.

Vietnam has been good – were excited to see what the beaches have to offer.

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