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Vang Vieng, Laos

Caving via innertube

Vang Vieng – where tubing in a Tennessee river meets Cancun, Mexico. Known more for its binge drinking through packers than beautiful scenery, Vang Vieng is still well worth a 2-3 day visit. The city has definitely lost its charm as every street front is now a western style food stall with laid out backpackers drinking happy shakes and watching friends re-runs. Although most feel the town gave up its true identity in order to get on the backpacker circuit, many will agree that the scenery and activities that it provides is an accepted compromise.

Our first night we opted for a bungalow tucked back in the woods along the river to a noisy room in the middle of town. Generally when we arrive at a guest house, hostel or hotel we will only book one night at a time as we never know what might lie, “inside the cover”. Deciding that we would be in town for 3 maybe even 4 nights and the place was perfect and cheap we opted for booking all 4….Not so fast. We were informed that Chinese tourist had booked the entire row of bungalows and we would only be able to stay 2 nights. 2 nights it was.

Kayaking, tubing, caves, caves in tubes, caves with elephants, zip lines and river water slides we had an amazing time in Vang Vieng. From reading guide books it didn’t quite look to be our cup of tea, however we found that Vang Vieng offers much more than the infamous tubing craze and it’s not too difficult to find folks to team up with for an excursion.

We met many travelers that opted out of Vang Vieng and almost did ourselves. If you are in Laos and on the fence opt in as the scenery and activities will more than make up for the charm and character that this town lacks.

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  1. November 9, 2010 at 5:58 am

    Great to know! I’m going through your old blog posts on Laos, we were on the fence, but now perhaps we’ll opt in. Any insider tips?

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