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Tree of Life Orphanage [Burriam, Thailand]

A week in Cambodia for a visa run and quick sightseeing of the historic temples, we found our way back to North Thailand in the un-touristic city of Buriram. We weren’t sure what to expect at the Tree of Life Orphanage except we knew we would love the children.

We spent our time doing much needed cleaning of the residence as well as teaching English twice daily. We celebrated the Asian New Year, Songkran throwing water on Buriram locals and visitors alike getting water logged in the process. Swimming at the community pool, popping in the local ice cream shop to escape the heat or just running around outside playing Zombie , (at night of course as it was too hot during the day) the kids kept us busy.

Some things we learned while in Buriram were that we actually like Christmas music in April, drinks in plastic bags with straws are the norm, it isn’t cool to be tan, as all Thai people want to be white, not all kids are afraid to eat insects ,there are many ways to play UNO, and yes you can actually survive Thai heat in the dead of summer with no air conditioning!

The kids at TOLO are all there because their parents have died or are unable to care for them. Some are taken back when they are older and able to help provide for the family while others remain until they finish school and are on their own. The independence each one  possesses was astounding. 4 days after leaving TOLO, we still hear the kids voices calling our names to “come play”. Mon, Fern, Fil, Dtoy, Taan, Sam and Eileen, will be missed.

– Amy

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  1. mom
    April 27, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Too cute.. bring them home with you, it might be the only way we get some girls in the famiy.. miss you guys so much!! xox

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