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I’m Back!

Thanks to Dana for the photo

Thanks to Dana for the photo

Now that I am feeling back to normal after a bout with Dengue Fever, I felt the need to “back-blog” on some Thailand adventures that happened pre and post DF.

While island hopping with our friends, Dana and Julie, we visited Monkey Island where we expected to witness these climbing creatures who seek out human contact to fuel their stomachs, but on  the day I came down with DF on a quiet beach on Kho Phi Phi I did not quite expect the wakeup call I received.

As I lay napping on the shell laden beach I felt a touch on my right leg. As I knew I was alone, only with a wooden boat to my left and a kayak to my right this was sure to make me sit up straight away. As I sat up, there he was sitting right beside me drinking out of my water bottle, a monkey! He and I sat staring at each other for a whole minute before I realized I was not dreaming!  Although I did not expect a violent attack, the sharp teeth did make me wary enough to move away until he decided to head on down the beach in search of a more satisfying meal.


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  1. Jenni
    April 11, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Haha! This is te funniest story ever! I tried to imagine what the monkey looked lik…glad I got to see it!

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