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Finally – Thailand

We felt unbelievably privileged to have Dana and Julie, come visit us in Thailand for 2 weeks. We took full advantage of having them with us and took in as many sights as we could during our time together – hence the lack of blogging time, sorry.

Coming from the bustling city of Mumbai, Bangkok was an ease into a different culture for Matt and I. The city was clean and the street food, amazing and cheap. We even went along with our adventurous friend Dana while he daringly had three cavities filled in a Thai clinic. We were in awe over the professionalism and cleanliness – the three of us were given tea, foot massages and internet use while we waited. Talk about service.

City life is not what you expect when you think of Thailand, so we began our island hopping adventure straight away. First on our list was Ko Tao where we shared a rustic bungalow across from the beach and café lined boardwalk. Thai massages go for about 250-300 baht ($7-9) an hour which we took full advantage of.

From Ko Tao we headed over to Koh Pangang which is the site of the infamous full moon party. A few days late for the party we took in the island’s beaches by motorbike. Fortunately for us we are in the Thai Islands during dry season, the unfortunate thing is the beautiful waterfalls are all but dried up. If it wasn’t for the fever (more on that later) we would be back soaking up the sun on the beach of Had Rim, rather we are in Ko Lanta soaking up the AC.

From Koh Pangang we headed to the Andaman coast to visit the famous Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh (location for the movie The Beach). Breathtaking, incredible, amazing…what other words can we use to describe this paradise of Islands. These islands are best described with pictures which we have posted on the site.

 From Koh Phi Phi it was off to Koh Lanta where the Fever started…

Thailand by the numbers: If you are planning a cruise to Mexico or a trip to the Caribbean why not take 10 days to visit Thailand. You will not be disappointed with what SE Asia and the people of Thailand have to offer.

Flights: From LA you can book a flight for $750.00 – figure in another $250.00 if you are living in the South.

Accommodation: Bungalow room (2) with fan will set you back about $18.00 you can splurge and get AC for $28.00

Food: $15.00 a day per person for food will get you breakfast, lunch and dinner at a decent restaurant.

Transport between Islands: $75.00 per person

Shopping: This is up to you, but don’t convince yourself you will be able to walk out of a Thai market with nothing in hand. $100.00 will get you a new wardrobe or Armani Suit.

$2000.00 (2 people flight)

$180.00 (2 people Accommodation for 10 days)

$300.00 (2 people food for 10 days)

$150.00 (2 people transport between islands 10 days)

Total: $2,630 – this is 10 actual days in Thailand. Figure in 2 days for travel time.

These prices aren’t the Matt and Amy round the world budget. We are averaging about $35.00 a day for food, accommodation and transport. We eat street food (which is usually better then restaurant food) and stay in bungalow fan rooms. Even on our budget we have had the time of our life.

$100.00 a day in Thailand for food and accommodation and you are in pure luxury.

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