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Empty Holy Lake

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
Home for 15 hours

Home for 15 hours

Delhi was a 2 day whirlwind of chaos, color and culture. Although we were pretty prepared for the madness; the rickshaws, food and people gave us the Indian welcome we were hoping for. Without time to get acquainted with the capital city we were rushed away by car and personal driver to the Rajasthan city of Pushkar where we expected to have a view of the famous holy lake. To our misfortune the lake had been drained for the 1st time in history. However, it was still a sight to behold. The pastel colored temples and colorful village market selling textiles, handcrafted jewelry and fabrics of all kinds surrounded by the picturesque Snake Mountain is sure to be a town we’ll never forget.

…”rushed away by private driver”?!?!?! We splurged on our already meek India budget and went with a car and driver for the first 8 days of our trip. After doing some research we found that for a few bucks more per day we could go in the comfort of a car (if you consider driving in India comfort).

Tomorrow at sunrise we will visit the infamous Taj Mahal before being dropped off at the train station. From there we will take an overnight 15 hour train ride from Agra to Varanasi where we will spend a few days before our 26 hour train ride to the South of India via Calcutta.

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