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Little giggles

Brenda came up with the idea of a last supper to allow all the graduating 3rd year students some time to reflect back on their 3 years at the Kibbuse School. In the middle of all the dancing, singing and eating of some great traditional food we hear little giggles coming from under the truck. The school is located in a compound which is very secure and we had locked it up hours before the start of the event so surely those giggles weren’t kids from the village? We peak under the truck to find not one or two but three little faces, ear to ear grins and the sweetest of eyes staring back at us. After hours of sitting in silence the giggles came. Their friends who were peaking through the gaps in the fence also started giggling as the three little stow-a-ways were caught! We couldn’t help but laugh, smile back at them and of course slide them some of the delicious food we had been eating. Just being able to witness the event was enough for them, but to get some food was an added bonus.

The kids of Uganda will steal your heart. Whether its when they are on the side of the road yelling Mzungu (white person) as you drive by or when you walk through their village square -You are always “most welcome”. For these three little rascals we could only return the favor of kindness that they had shown us so often.

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