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Just another bus ride

DahabWe decided to take the 7:30am bus out of Cairo to arrive into Dahab at a reasonable time. The 9 hour bus ride turned out to be quite fascinating. In Egyptian film school the first thing they teach you is how to shout your lines. This can only be true as each of the 3 Egyptian movies we watched the actors were screaming and shouting the entire time. Intense scences in the movie? Not sure – didn’t have a clue what they were saying.

Riding through the desert I remember looking out the window thinking how barren and desolate the land looked, after all we were riding through the Sahara Desert. Dazed and in my own world Amy taps me on the shoulder to look out the other side of the bus – The Red Sea. The bluest of deep blue water you could ever imagine. On one side nothing but bleak, dry uninhabited land and on the other a deep blue paradise that we will call home for the next 9 days.

Paradise started out a little shaky. After consuming not much more than a chocolate croissant, a few Pringles and a Orange Fanta (pull tab of course) Amy got a little sick. We did find an amazing little restaurant and was able to grab a quick bite to eat but not until we had to turn in for the night. After some rest, laying by the sea and pampering Amy should be ready to go. We’ll post pictures soon!

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